With Foppa, your clients can pay the budget later or in monthly installments. Through our flexible payment terms, customer satisfaction increases and budgets grow.

Our products

Pay later

Marketing budget paid back with extended payment term from 60 to 120 days.

Pay in instalments

Marketing budget paid back with monthly instalments in 6 to 12 months.

Case studies

Case VIBAe: Marketing budget grew 5,9x

The fast-growing footwear brand VIBAe increased its media budget almost sixfold with the help of Foppa.

Case: No budget cuts in recession

The client’s industry was in a downturn and the marketing budget was under pressure to be cut. With the help of Foppa, client kept the budget at the previous level and the brand in the top-of-mind of their audience.

Case Lempi: From budget increase to award-winning advertising

Lempi Kotisiivous increased its marketing budget many times over with the help of Foppa. Brand awareness grew significantly and the advertising was awarded the “Vuoden Huiput” awards.

Case: Improved client satisfaction

The agency does not have credit insurance for the client, which means that the customer must pre-pay all campaigns. With Foppa, the customer can now pay with 30 to 120 days net.

Case Janneniska: Entering mass media

With the help of Foppa, the company used mass media for the first time and doubled their sales leads.

Case Dagsmark: From SME to brand advertiser

Before Foppa, Dagsmark Petfood advertised with small budgets, mostly in tactical digital channels. Now the brand is one of the most desired ones in its category.

Benefits for Partners

Grow your sales

Flexible payment terms bring more business and increase the clients’ budgets.

Easy process

Get payment terms for your client from our web service in minutes.

No credit risk

We pay the budget to your company with your standard terms and bear the credit loss risk.

Apply for flexible payment terms for your client

You can apply for flexible payment terms for your client in our web service, where you can sign up free of charge by tapping the link below.

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Let’s discuss how to increase your client satisfaction and sales with Foppa.

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