Advertise now,
pay when you grow

We see marketing as an investment and finance growth companies in a new way. We multiply your company’s marketing budget, which you pay back as your revenue grows.

Benefits for growth companies 

Increase your media budget
with less stress on your finances.

Accelerate growth
with zero dilution. 

Expert support for
media planning and buying. 

Client case: Dagsmark Petfood Ltd

“At the beginning of 2019, we set out to collaborate with Foppa on a bold advertising campaign that challenged competitors and occasionally split opinions, enabling us to get our message across in the media and bring up topics for discussion as part of public discourse.” 

Laura Strömberg  
Managing director, Dagsmark Petfood Ltd 

Marketing growth investor

When you want your activities to be profitable, Foppa’s experienced experts will support you. We multiply your marketing budget and drive your business toward growth in the fairest way on the market: advertise now, pay as you grow. 


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