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There are all sorts of media, but how do you choose the best option?

Once you’ve decided to invest in advertising beyond your own channels, having obtained the funds through financing or using your savings, it’s time to consider what you want to invest your money in. All marketing obviously begins with your targets, that is, what you want to achieve with your marketing. Are you aiming to be…

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Equity, debt or revenue-based financing (RBF)?

Marketing is an effective driver of growth, but the payback period is long. Accelerating revenue growth requires front-end-weighted investments that will encumber finances. So growth often has to be financed — but how? This article presents different financing options for marketing, and examples of situations where the various options are best suited. The most typical…

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Five tips for launching a new brand

Before their major media launch, Dixu had been in existence for a couple of years. However, practically nobody knew about them, and their operations were very small-scale. Nonetheless, we had developed a pretty good idea that we were on the right track: up to 90 per cent of home sellers chose Dixu after our customer…

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Financing a media budget increases marketing return on investment

Financing always comes at a price, however. Does financing a media budget thereby increase marketing costs? No, the opposite is true – marketing becomes more efficient, says Foppa founding partner and CEO Antti Kaihlanen. Financiers always want a return on their investment, typically in the form of some kind of interest or revenue factor. Naturally,…

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