Buy now, pay later
for marketing buys

Unlock your growth potential

Marketing is a powerful growth driver, but it takes months for the ROI to accumulate. With Foppa, you can pay all your marketing buys in up to 12 months, allowing you to free
up your cash flow or increase your marketing spend to boost sales.

Increase or maintain marketing spend
with less stress on your finances.

Apply in minutes with out any paperwork. No warrants or covenants.

Get a holistic view of your marketing
spend and sparring for your
marketing if needed.

Payment options

The payment options available vary depending on the size of the budget and the customer’s credit rating. You can change your payment option at any time.

Pay Later

Payment in one instalment within 60 to 120 days

Pay Monthly

Payment in monthly instalments over 6 to 12 months.


Our payment options have already been used by customers of all sizes and from all sectors for more than €12 million. You can find out more about our customer cases here.

Foppa in media

“Finnish Foppa Launches New Financial Products to Help Companies Through the “Marketing Valley of Death”

”Globaaleilla markkinoilla suomalaisten rahat eivät riitä yhtään mihinkään” – markkinoinnin kasvurahoittaja lupaa varmaa draiveria

“Så undviker svenska tillväxtbolag ”The Marketing Valley of Death””

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