Client cases

Foppa offers companies a flexible and risk-free opportunity to reach their full potential. Are you the next success story? 

CLIENT CASES: Dagsmark Petfood Ltd 

The year 2019 was exceptional for Dagsmark, a manufacturer of dry pet food. The company pushed past its previous limits in terms of recognition and increased revenue from EUR 2.9 million to EUR 4.6 million. How was this achieved? 

Foppa understood our business and the uniqueness of our products, and offered the right media packages for them. Whether it’s about a print or a video ad, they describe in detail why something should be done in a certain way.

Laura Strömberg
Managing director, Dagsmark Petfood Ltd 


When Tam-Silk Oy started collaborating with Foppa, its revenue was approximately EUR 2.7 million. Now the previous goals have been reached and the operations are already approaching EUR 6 million.

Foppa has significantly boosted our revenue. If growth had been achieved solely on the basis of cash flow, we would have had to complete a number of significant funding rounds. This collaboration has been very valuable to Tam-Silk.

Juha Haapasaari
Managing director, Tam-Silk Oy


The food company invests in the future with a flexible financing model: “With Foppa, we have had the opportunity to invest significantly more in marketing than usual”

We engaged in this collaboration because of Foppa’s new type of financing model, which handles marketing investments in blocks throughout the year. For example, now we do not have to cover a TV advertising campaign of EUR 100,000 in a single payment – and that would not have been possible before, either.

Mikko Lähdetie
Managing director, Evoke Oy