Lempi, a Finnish home cleaning service provider, starts co-operation with Foppa

Lempi Kotisiivous, a Finnish home cleaning service provider, has started cooperation with Foppa. With the help of the cooperation, Lempi intends to increase its new brand awareness and grow its business significantly through customer acquisition and mergers and acquisitions.

“The popularity of home cleaning is on the rise, because the new generations think differently about purchased services. Today, most of the adults in families also create careers, and housework is distributed much more evenly than in older generations. Housework and taking care of it in the midst of busy everyday life is discussed much more and people are also ready to spend money on it. You no longer have to do everything yourself, and the use of home cleaning services in different age groups is increasing all the time,” says Leena Meri, CEO of Lempi.

According to a survey commissioned by Lemp, people are interested in all home cleaning services, but the most interested ones are moving cleaning (48%) and window cleaning (44%). 38 percent of Finns are interested in home cleaning, although only about 14 percent have used home cleaning services.

The corona pandemic increased the value of the home, so more is invested in its maintenance. In 2022, an increased household deduction also entered into force. These have increased the willingness of Finns to use home cleaning services, although unfortunately little is still known and understood about the household deduction,” says Meri.

Lempi has more than 3,000 customers in six different locations, and its revenue forecast for 2022 is approximately 6 million euros. The home cleaning industry has steadily grown as an industry, and several smaller and larger companies have entered the market. During the next year, Lempi is ready to buy 2–3 smaller players sharing the same company values as Lempi.

“One important reason to invest in marketing with the help of Foppa is to attract the best employees to work for us. We currently have 250 employees, almost all of whom are permanently employed. The labor shortage is severe in every sector, including the cleaning sector. We are a people-oriented and reliable operator for our customers and employees,” says Meri.

The pursuit of growth has been a clear part of Lempi’s strategy. Lempi was born in 2021, when Saari bought Stella’s home cleaning business. At the same time, Lempi made a major brand renewal, which requires marketing efforts to increase the brand’s awareness and engagement.

The main owner of Lempi, Saari Partners, feels that brand building and marketing are essential in terms of increasing company value.

“With Foppa, we can maximize the company’s overall financing and improve marketing ROI”

Miia Sirkiä, partner and CEO, Saari Partners

The main owner of Lempi, Saari Partners, feels that brand building and marketing are essential in terms of increasing company value.

“We are satisfied with Lempi’s growth plans, and with the help of Foppa, we can maximize the company’s overall financing and marketing ROI,” says Mia Sirkiä, partner and CEO of Saari Partners.

According to Foppa’s Co-Founder & CEO Antti Kaihlanen, the marketing budgets of all companies in Finland are far too small, which means that the maximum growth potential cannot be achieved.

“In Finland, marketing budgets are too often seen more as expenses than as investments. Here, we are used to do marketing only with the money currently in the bank account, which doesn’t maximise growth and profits in the longer term. It’s great to see brands like Lempi boldly investing in their brand,” says Foppa’s founder and CEO Antti Kaihlanen.