As our customer, you are in good hands, with our team consisting of experienced marketing professionals who dare to think big, boldly and creatively.

Antti Kaihlanen

CEO & Co-Founder
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Foppa’s founder and CEO Antti Kaihlanen has created a career in marketing and growth finance for more than 20 years. Prior to founding Foppa, he has worked as a consultant for e.g. financial platform at Invesdor and as strategy director at the media agency group Dentsu Aegis Network.

Antti’s passion is growth through marketing. He founded Foppa because he was frustrated with media budgets that were too small for the companies’ growth targets.

In his free time, you can find Antti at the gym, on the football field or playing with Excel.

Elina Heinonen

CCO & Co-Founder
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Elina Heinonen is a multi-expert in marketing and media with more than 20 years of experience in both media agencies and the media company Sanoma, as well as on the marketer’s side. Elina has helped hundreds of companies find the right marketing tools to drive growth.

Elina joined Foppa’s team immediately after founding the company in 2020 as Commercial Director, and has since piloted Foppa’s customer acquisition and marketing. In her work, Elina is motivated by a genuine fire to help Finnish companies succeed internationally through better marketing and branding.

You can spot Elina skiing in the winter and in summer boating in the archipelago or relaxing at the cottage.

Foppa, a modern marketing growth investor, was born in 2019.

Annika Räihä

Head of Clients & Partner
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Annika Räihä, who is responsible for Foppa’s customer relationships, is a marinated media and project management professional with more than 10 years of work experience in media agencies and as an entrepreneur in the field. Her role is to design the right kind of mediamix for Foppa’s customers and to support the implementation of advertising.

Annika is motivated by close cooperation with customers and Foppa’s straightforward, results-oriented approach to work.

Annika likes to travel and in her spare time she will probably be located under palm trees or at the beak of the pier. Collecting all kinds of useless trivia also gets Annika excited.

Timo Tähtinen

CTO & Partner
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Timo Tähtinen has more than 15 years of experience in financial sector development tasks and designing and implementation of demanding IT projects for both startups and large companies. He joined Foppa’s team in the summer of 2021 and will be the developer of Foppa’s own financial platform. The platform includes both internal tools and online services for customers and media.

Timo believes that in pursuit of growth, one should not stay polished for an indefinite period of time. It is worth investing boldly in sales and marketing. Minor uncertainties are relevant and won’t bother you when you hit the market!

You can run into Timo on a jogging path, in the gym or spending time with pop culture – and if you move in tropical waters, also diving deeper than the surface.

Jouni Vuorinen

CFO & Partner
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Jouni Vuorinen, who runs Foppa’s finances, has almost 15 years of experience in various demanding finance tasks from different industries and, in addition, experience in FMCG sales and marketing.

Jouni joined Foppa in the summer of 2022, and for the seven years before that he worked for big brands advertisers such as Hartwall and Unilever. In addition to Excel, Jouni is enthusiastic about clever marketing and actions to improve the commercial performance.

Outside of work, Jouni is kept busy by two small children and a dog, but for him any racket + ball combination gives him great energy for everyday life.

Nils Lindhe

Vice President & Partner, Scandinavia
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Nils Lindhe, Country Manager Foppa Sweden, has more than 25 years experience from C-level roles in Marketing and Digital Transformation. Prior to joining Foppa he held positions as CEO Scream Media Agency, CMO Tobii AB (publ) and Vice President Loyalty & Eurobonus at Scandinavian Airlines (publ).

Nils is passionate about building high-performing teams and increasing general awareness to C-suites and Board of Directors on how to create long lasting effects from investments in Marketing.

In his spare time Nils enjoys sailing and listening to podcasts about physics and space exploration.

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